Catch the Rhythm – Melissa McCourt

Threes and fours have been catching the rhythm through sound, movement, and drawing. Each day begins with a brief period of centers where students are welcome to experiment with various instruments or listen to music as they play with blocks, play-doh, or kitchen toys. Following centers, we have a morning meeting and lesson about the day’s topic. During Monday’s lesson, students used colors, shapes, images, and lines to represent their understanding of rhythm found in Caribbean music. On Tuesday, students learned to make beats by layering sounds and words on garage band. Today, students created instruments with recycled materials. Each class ends with a song and review of what we learned throughout the day. To get a better understanding of what we’ve been working on, feel free to check out the classroom during drop off, or ask your musician to lead you in a round of, Let’s Get the Rhythm of the Knees (if you please)!