LEGO BattleBots – Michelle Greenberg

We’ve designed and built some fierce robots and are preparing them for an epic battle.  On Monday, everyone built the same driving base for a strong foundation and we began to add accessories to our EV3 robots that will help them defend themselves and charge their opponents.  On Tuesday, we chose the motors and sensors we wanted to add to our EV3 robots and began coding them to stay in our battle arena.  We are experimenting with how to code color sensors to stop at a black tape line and charge their opponents when any other color is reflected.  On Wednesday and Thursday, we will refine our code and continue to experiment with our robots on our octagonal battle arena.  On Friday, we’ll put our robots to the final test by engaging in a series of battles.  Which of our robots will be the winner?

Sew Tech Circuitry – The Handwork Studio Staff

Some of the techniques and skills taught throughout the week include: hand stitching, how to sew with conductive thread in place of wires, creating movable projects with motors, setting up a basic copper tape circuit, making a successful switch or button, how to use LED lights, hand sewing, embroidery, pom-pom making, and working from patterns.

During the course of the week, counselors encourage campers to think analytically about their choices: colors, embellishments, project assembly, size, etc. While learning these many different skills and techniques takes time and practice, the next time it will be that much easier!

Rockets and Racecars – Michelle Greenberg

We are hard at work on building our solar powered cars. On Monday, we talked about how solar power works to power the motors of our cars and built the base for our vehicles. On Tuesday, we wrapped up our first build and took our robots outside to test our builds and optimize gear ratio. We also learned about lift and drag and their effects on race cars. On Wednesday, we’ll wrap up our solar cars by continuing to customize our cars and test them with a race. Then we’ll continue our work with forces and motion with an introduction to rockets. On Thursday and Friday, we’ll design and launch rockets with an air pressure launcher.

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

Scholars are playing some 3 vs 3 soccer and soccer pinball. They will finish off this week with a camp favorite in battleship and skee bowling. Swimmers learned the freestyle stroke, backstroke, and frog kick.