Art and Archaeology: Cultural Explorations – Pauline Williams

As our week begins, we are digging into the ancient cultures of the Americas. In the tradition of the Navajos, we are exploring sand painting and have begun to work with clay as we discuss the Mayan civilization. We are busy at the art tables, enjoying books filled with facts and images of ancient times, and spending time digging for artifacts at the sand table. By Friday we will arrive in Egypt to discover the pyramids.

Drama and Creative Movement – Jenny Torgerson & Jess Durdin

This week we have used our bodies, voices and imaginations to create different characters. Each day we play games and act out stories designed to stretch our skills. The morning finishes with an art project where we create tools to enhance our storytelling.

Into the Woods – Andrea Bourne

Camping in the wilderness within our classroom is great fun! We have been playing in our tent, tending our campfire, and fishing in our dramatic play area. We are also having fun using camp equipment like a lantern, compass, sleeping bag, and mess pan. We made glowing campfire art to extend our camp experience to home, enjoyed s’mores snacks, and made pine cone birds and owls. We are also collecting natural items from the outdoors to use in a special camp photo project. Our “Into the Woods” mural project was a true team effort, and now we are getting reading to make bird feeders, learn about animal tracks, and explore how bears and other forest animals prepare for winter.

Animals and Plants in the Jungles of Borneo – Christy Mueller

We’ve begun our jungle exploration by learning background information about rainforests and exploring the exotic plants and tree of Borneo. So far we have captured the rainforest sound by crafting rain-sticks. We also went outside to imagine we were exploring Borneo by collecting plant samples to use to create artwork. We even worked in teams to attempt to build the tallest kapok tree using paper towel rolls, blocks, and leaves. Coming up the rest of the week we will spend two days discovering the colorful mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish found only in Borneo, and going on a safari hunt for some of these creatures. Then we will wrap up the week by talking about why rainforests are so important to the world. I look forward to continuing to adventure, craft, and play jungle games with our campers!

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

Mini and Youth Scholars are working on their soccer skills by playing some 3 vs 3 soccer and soccer pinball. They will finish off this week with two camp favorites, battleship and skee bowling. Swimmers learned the freestyle stroke, backstroke, and frog kick.