Hone Your Drone – Kevin Cox

On Monday, our newest drone pilots did some great work to prepare themselves for flight. We learned some of the federal, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania laws regarding unmanned aircrafts. We found some cool, and some silly, ways that people use drones for recreation or for their work. Finally, we assembled our drones and learned about the commands and features of our models. On Tuesday, we took our first flights. We saw how the wind can affect flight and gained a good feel the controls.  We’re looking forward to taking some awesome aerial videos and pictures this week as we continue to hone our drones!

Fashion Design and Machine Sewing – The Handwork Studio Staff

Some of the techniques and skills taught throughout the week include: threading and using a sewing machine, reading garment patterns, how and where to take your measurements, how to lay out your fabric (selvage, cut edges and grain line), how to cut out pattern tissue, how to lay out pattern tissue, pinning, cutting, sizing a garment, proper fabric selection (how to use a woven fabric vs. how to use a knit fabric), installing zippers and buttons, analytic thinking about artistic choices (colors, embellishments, project assembly, size, etc.), using batting on a quilt, and patchwork skills.

During the course of the week, counselors encourage each camper to individually choose projects they are interested in creating. Then counselors patiently guide campers through the process to successful completion. While learning to use the sewing machine and construct patterns takes time and practice, the next time it will be that much easier!

Life Skills and Money Management – Charlie Isdell

It’s a whole new world when it comes to money. Students have been exploring what to do with their money and how to best manage it as a young adult. These issues and more have been discussed along with ethics and best practices. Later on, we will explore online financial management programs and apps, and one day will be spent on cybersecurity.

Cinematography – Kevin Cox

We kicked off our week by discussing the video/movie making process. Together we created a task list for steps that we should take to create our own videos this week. Based on our resources, we decided to focus on humor and brainstormed some ideas that could be funny given our work setting for the week. Our top ideas were to make a fake advertisement and to create a scripted game show. We watched some SNL fake advertisements and some all-time great Family Feud clips for inspiration and to analyze the qualities of a funny moment. On Tuesday, we decided to first focus on the gameshow idea.  The ideas are flowing and we’re looking forward to filming and editing some hilarious content as the week rolls on!

Swimming and Athletic Training – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

This week in PE/Field Games & Athletic Training, our Senior Scholars are getting ready for the upcoming soccer season. They are enjoying the pool and working hard on their off-season workouts.