Karate Basics with NKI – Master Kim & NKI Staff

Children in the karate program are learning the basic traditional martial arts. They will also learn the basic 5 codes to live by: “respect, loyalty, confidence, responsibility and honor.” Youth Scholars are not only learning how to punch, kick and block but also the principles of self discipline and self confidence. We will teach them listening skills, focus and other motor skills. We would like to invite all family members to our demonstration on Friday in the Blue Gym. Please arrive by 11 a.m. 

Polymer Clay Creatures – Sharon Uibel

This week has been a monster mash marathon in the clay room! We dove right into the techniques of using polymer clay and how to use the clay tools to create creatures of all types. After the Scholars created cyclops, dragonflies, dragons, and monster face features, they created game boards and game pieces for some family fun. We explored using a variety of embellishments and mixtures to come up with unique creations!

Puppet Theater – Nikole Moore-Medley

Welcome to Puppet Theater! On Tuesday, campers created captivating characters out of popsicles, paper bags, pipe cleaners and more! Families and friends, please join us for our performance of “Puppet Adventures.” It will be held in our classroom’s Cardboard Box Theater (Room 3) this Friday at 2 p.m. We are putting the finishing touches on our puppets and are excited to share our stories with all of you!

Swimming and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey & Kristen McDowel

Mini and Youth Scholars are working on their soccer skills by playing some 3 vs 3 soccer and soccer pinball. They will finish off this week with two camp favorites, battleship and skee bowling. Swimmers learned the freestyle stroke, backstroke, and frog kick.