Japanese Art – Andrea Bourne 

We are experiencing Japanese culture this week by learning many of the country’s unique art forms. The art of paper folding, known as origami, is helping us to transform a flat piece of paper into everything from cranes and pinwheels, to dogs and flowers. We are also trying our hand at Japanese calligraphy, learning how to use the paint brush to create “kana” characters. So far, we have learned to print the characters for love, happiness, peace, and friend. We have been having fun learning how to say everyday words in Japanese and listening to traditional Japanese music. Our next art projects will include Japanese block printing and sumi-e ink brush painting. Our Japanese tea dramatic play area has become a favorite, as we continue to learn the art of the ceremony.

Lakes and Waterways – Pauline Williams

Diving into our watery week, we have explored the difference between fresh and salty bodies of water, focusing on lakes and ponds and the wonderful creatures swimming beneath the surface. We have spent the first two days using watercolors to recreate some of what we’ve been reading about. Later in the week, we will float down the rivers and streams, creating fish and insects.

Swim and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey and Kristen McDowel

Soccer pinball, 2 vs 2 basketball, and the popular 3 vs 3 soccer are all on the agenda this week for field games!

We have been learning freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke!  Having swimming relays, kickboard wars, learning breaststroke or push and pull through hula hoops! Always a challenge,  trying to tread water and keep your head on the top. We’re having a cannonball of a time at the Pool!

Karate with the National Karate Institute

We learned about self-discipline and self-control while learning basic karate punches, kicks, and blocks. Through these techniques, we worked on focus, attention and listening skills. Students also learned the basic self-defense skills including “stranger danger”. We also asked each student to ask and learn mom and or dad’s cell phone numbers as this can be very helpful when they are separated from their parents in large crowded areas like an amusement park.

Imagination Station – Caitlin Leone

This week in Imagination Station, we are exploring friendship and teamwork! Campers are having fun challenging each other in Connect Four, dressing up and performing shows, and showing off their building skills. We are reading some fun stories, including Spot It, where we search for hidden creatures. Campers are looking forward to creative crafts and more play activities this week!