Icky Sticky Science – Kaitlin Kozmaczewski

Icky Sticky Science has been off to a great start!  At the beginning of the week, we talked about color, how our eyes see color, and how we mix colors together. The students created their own colors with water paints, used markers and water to tie-dye coffee filters and made a color swirl. Tuesday was all about the slime! We learned a lot about following a recipe and how too much or too little of one ingredient can make what was supposed to be fluffy slime, not so fluffy! The rest of the week will be experiments using gummy bears, volcanoes, and water beads! Get ready to get messy again, but remember not to wear your favorite t-shirt!

WeDo Amusement Park – Caitlin Sweeney

Our Amusement Park is really starting to take shape. We can’t wait to show you the finished park on Friday morning at 9:15 am (room 1).

We’ve had a super first two days.  The camp began with a great short Design Thinking project to help us develop a little empathy (a key component of Design Thinking). Campers designed nametags for each other based on information gathered during interviews- it was about what the camper’s partner wanted in a nametag, NOT what the camper THOUGHT her partner wanted. Each nametag uniquely introduced us to one another.

Next, we set to work on creating our park. We had to find out what types of rides our community wanted to see in the park, which led us to another round of interviews throughout the camp, gathering important data.  We synthesized our data and planned out the park, layout, rides etc.  This afternoon we played with the WeDos practicing programming the legos to move in different ways, all the while keeping in mind how we might incorporate them into our rides.

The next two days will be the most fun, where campers finally get to bring their ideas to life. We will build, build build.

Please stop by to see the Amusement Park on Friday!

Swim and Field Games – Kyle Hagerthey and Kristen McDowel

Soccer pinball, 2 vs 2 basketball, and the popular 3 vs 3 soccer are all on the agenda this week for field games!

We have been learning freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke!  Having swimming relays, kickboard wars, learning breaststroke or push and pull through hula hoops! Always a challenge,  trying to tread water and keep your head on the top. We’re having a cannonball of a time at the Pool!

Catch the Rhythm – Nikole Moore-Medley

Students in “Catch the Rhythm “  are learning what rhythm looks, feels and sounds like. They are using natural, recycled and craft materials to make instruments. At the end of the week, a culminating video will be made showing how their experiences have shaped their understanding of rhythm and how individually and collectively they were able to catch it!