Electrify It – Andrea Robinson

So far our class has made a zodiac constellation with string lights and a survival bracelet that consists of a light up device as well as rope. We also have learned about the importance of a complete circuit and negative and positive terminals during the construction of an altoid tin flashlight. Today we wired a treasure chest with an alarm so that when someone opens it to steal your treasure an alarm will sound. On Thursday and Friday our project will be sock monsters and stuffed animals will be sewn with conductive thread so that their eyes light up when their hands meet.

Icky Sticky Science – Kaitlin Kelly

What could be more fun that getting your hands dirty while learning? Icky, Sticky, Science has sure made quiet a few messes this week! On Monday, our focus was on primary colors and learning how, when mixed together, more beautiful colors can be made. Students used water paints to come up with their own colors and also tie dyed to see how colors blend together. On Tuesday, we focused our attention on everything glue! We began with a simple slime recipe, then changed the ingredients and made foam. We attempted to make bouncy balls, but our efforts failed – we learned an important lesson that as scientists, not all experiments work and variables have to be changed to get it right! Wednesday we will be doing some food science and will make our own homemade play dough. Thursday we will be looking at the science of explosions and will be making a volcano and elephant toothpaste! On our last day, we will be doing a variety experiments using salt! The week has been messy, but messy is fun!

Graphic Artistry – Bob Campbell

We’ve had a wonderful time this week creating digital masterpieces in our graphic artistry studio! So far this week the students have all done an outstanding job of keeping up with a fast paced exploration of a great many Graphic Artistry skill sets. We have gone from exploring the basics of Photoshop with digital collages, to applying special FX & filters, to dabbling in the fine arts, and making memes. With an eye towards the future of digital art we also explored virtual reality using google cardboard, and experimented with augmented reality using a holographic display. The rest of the week we will focus on formal graphic design work, making digital comics, and finalizing the students’ portfolios.

Also, I’d like to invite you all to a Digital Art Show this Friday (Friday 8/4) at 1:00PM in the MFS Library (Mac Computer Lab). You can park in the parking lot and there will be someone to greet you at the door of Stokes Hall. The students will be presenting all the awesome projects they did this week, and I’m very excited for you to see the excellent work they did! And no problem if you are unable to attend at that time, as we will be emailing you a link to a digital gallery of all your student’s great art.

Seeing like an Artist – Shannon Uibel

This week in “Seeing Like an Artist” we are working with clay shapes and clay handling, alcohol paint, ceramic tiles, and water color textures. Our class used clay to create flowers which we let dry overnight. Day two we painted the clay flowers and added them to a paper scene we created for a collage effect. On day three ceramic tiles will be colored with a “sharpie” marker as the class carefully experiments with a dripping technique on the tiles. This will form a beautiful and dynamic tie dye mini masterpiece!! We will continue to use clay and paint to form sculptures and collage masterpieces throughout the week!

Intro to Film and TV – Wickline Casting

Your children are acting as cast and crew teams, learning basic levels of acting, directing, and operating the camera. Script writing, storyboarding and improvisation will also be introduced. Throughout the week, the class will work on a lot of projects such as commercials, film scenes, music videos, and public service announcements. Each day is different as they create their very own original projects. They will truly learn the basics of the biz. All footage is sent to a professional editor and parents have the option to order a USB after camp, as a keepsake.

Minecraft Engineering – Chris Gehringer

The class has been learning basics of electricity, wiring, and machinery using the game Minecraft. Harnessing the power of redstone, a resource available in the game, students are learning to create switches, circuitry, and simple machines. I hope by the end of the class, the students will have developed a working knowledge of how to create functional circuitry as well as an understanding of the basics of engineering.

A Bug’s Life – Laura Dugan

It has been an exciting week thus far in A Bug’s Life; the days are filled with hands-on experiments and explorations. We created unique bug hotels using recycled materials and made clay models of our favorite insects, a spider and a Morpho butterfly. Our ant experiment has been the highlight of the week. We tested all different types of food and predicted that the sweet, sugary honey and fruits would attract the ants; we were surprised to discover the turkey meat was the desired taste, even for flies and bees too! We’ll continue the week studying earthworms and ant colonies. Parents and families are invited to come see our bug hotels at 11:10 am on Friday; meet in the drop-off area. 

Swimming – Josh Ponter

All swimmers have been making improvements as a group to our technique! Almost everyone has gotten to the point where they can now swim in the deep end safely. While we are still honing some skills for some of our little guys we are also learning flip-turns, different strokes, and building endurance.

Tennis – Moorestown Tennis Club

The youth tennis campers have been having a lot of fun this week learning and practicing the game of tennis! Monday the scholars worked on their rallies. Tuesday they learned to serve the ball and volley close to the net. Wednesday the students continued to practice their serves close to the net, but expanded on this skill by learning and practicing how to return a serve. Thursday the students will learn tactics of the game and Friday we will finish the week of with fun games that use a culmination of all the skills the scholars have learned!

Soccer – UK Soccer Elite

The campers have spent an extensive amount of time working on using the correct part of their foot to strike a ball, learning which parts give them the most control and accuracy. We have taken part in a number of games and relay races that force the campers to be accurate with their passes while also learning to properly communicate with their teammates. We will continue to work on these skills through repetition until our campers have a mastery of their passing skills!