Literature and Song – Carole Kezbari

I can hardly believe that it is already Wednesday!  We have been having such a great time during Literature and Song. Your children are such a fun and enthusiastic group!  They have amazing voices and are great at singing along to the songs as well as acting them out! On Monday, we read Spider on the Floor, and Eensy Weensy Spider. There was a discussion on where we have seen spiders in our homes, garages, and basements -eek! There was an optional craft that involved counting out 8 legs and attaching them to a spider body to make our very own spiders! On Tuesday, we read the Wheels on the Bus as well as the lesser known Seals on the Bus. A twist on the classic story. This book replaces the traditional words with animal sounds. One of the characters that we meet in the story snores on the bus. My impersonation of the snore was a real crowd pleaser with everyone laughing at how silly it sounded! There was an optional school bus project that involved adding wheels and decorating the windows with our family members. Today we will read Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow and listen to the music. There will be a discussion on how something grows from a seed into a plant. Each child will have the opportunity to plant a bean in a take home container. Later we will explore different genres of music and vote on our favorite! Will it be Jazz, Classical, Pop, or Rock? I will let you know the results later in the week! On Thursday we will read Do you know the Muffin Man and sing along. We will create our own muffins sculpted out of play dough and decorate them with craft trims. However, please don’t eat the muffins, they are just for fun! On Friday, we will finish out the week, by singing and reading Six in the Bed, another classic story that everyone loves. There will  be a chance to create an instrument of choice from recycled items. Later in the day, we will explore some hand held instruments and rock out to some of our favorite songs! I hope that your children have had a fun time.  It has been great getting to know them and I thank you for sharing your wonderful, energetic and happy kiddos with us!