Building Bridges: Engineering, Architecture, and Design – Michelle Greenberg

We are off to a great start with our bridge designs. We started by studying bridges around the world and then experimenting to find out which shapes make the strongest bridges. Then, we built the Leonardo DaVinci bridge, a self-supporting bridge, out of paint sticks (no glue necessary!).

Later on, we began experimenting with different bridge designs via an online simulator. We will spend the rest of the week deciding on our favorite designs, drawing out a blueprint, and building our bridges out of balsa wood. On Friday, we will test our bridges by measuring how much weight they will hold.

Design and Develop Your Own App – Matt Wartenberg

From idea to code, there are many layers of thinking and design which come together to create the apps that we use every day. Through collaborative work, students have spent time identifying the ways in which apps are designed to solve problems, as well as principles of graphic design and layout. While we are not writing full code for our own apps, we are using a proxy program to explore how these learning principles work in real time.

The Art and Science of Filmmaking – Jason Messer

Students are learning basic levels of every aspect of the industry from directing and camera operation to editing and production. Script writing and storyboarding have also been introduced. Students are working on individual and group projects such as vignettes, PSAs (public service announcements), commercials, and music videos.

Swimming and Field Games – Kristen McDowel & Kyle Hagerthey

During this final week of Summer Scholars, PE & Field Games classes having been playing some camp favorites – Pinball and Battleship, to name a few. Hoop House Guard has also become a popular choice. They look to finish up this week with Steal the Bacon and Return of the Jedi.

Swimmers have been working on freestyle, backstroke, or breast stroke, learning what a pencil jump is, and practicing Cannonballs! For backstroke we hug a kick board “like a teddy bear,” hold our heads all the way back, and reach and pull all the way behind our ears and scoop under (like a reverse windmill). We’ve also discussed what streamline is and how to push off the wall like a rocketship!

To perform a frog kick, we hold onto a kick board and bend our legs in the shape of a baseball diamond (putting the bottoms of our feet together), then go out to the shape of a starfish.