Engineering Lab II – Christy Mueller

We have had a great start to our week! We learned that engineers problem solve and create to make the world around them better. We have practiced outside-of-the-box problem solving by building model bridges while limited to using only blocks, paper plates, and paper towel rolls. We also explored igloos and made our own molding dough to construct different igloo structures. Up ahead for the rest of the week: we will be building nests from materials found outside, constructing marble mazes, and creating our own inventions. Each day the campers have loved having some open building time with a variety of building materials. This has lead to some very creative structures!

Life in a Tree – Andrea Bourne

We began the week by learning that trees provide shelter for many animals. We discovered different kinds of nests, including cavity nests that are hollowed out spaces, traditional cupped nests, and flat nests called platforms. We talked about the types of materials birds may use to build nests and made our own out of twigs, seeds, leaves, yarn, and glue.

Later on, we crafted felt bird puppets that can fly as high as we take them and return to our new nests. We also made tree squirrel art with bright colored foliage. Coming up, we will learn about tree monkeys and make puppets to act out the story of “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed,” and begin a golden acorn wreath project. We will end the week making woodpecker masks and finding out what makes them peck.

Vets in Training “Pre-Tech Vets” – HousePaws VIT Staff

By embracing the human-animal bond through interaction and education, the HousePaws Vets in Training Program provides hands-on, experience-based veterinary education to each student. The “Pre-Vet Techs” course for our Mini Scholars has included an investigation of animals, Owl Pellet Dissection, a Wellness Exam, and Animal Nutrition. And, of course, there has also been ample face-to-face time with our animal friends!

Imagination Station – Megan Blackburn

Imagination Station has been taken over by pirates, vampires and sharks – at least by way of costumes and masks. We’ve also been experimenting with color by mixing paint, reading old favorites like the “Mrs. Nelson” series and “I Spy,” and making dragonfly wands with pipe cleaners and sticks. And there’s always time for freeze tag!

Swimming and Field Games – Kristen McDowel & Kyle Hagerthey

During this final week of Summer Scholars, PE & Field Games classes having been playing some camp favorites – Pinball and Battleship, to name a few. Hoop House Guard has also become a popular choice. They look to finish up this week with Steal the Bacon and Return of the Jedi.

Swimmers have been working on freestyle, backstroke, or breast stroke, learning what a pencil jump is, and practicing Cannonballs! For backstroke we hug a kick board “like a teddy bear,” hold our heads all the way back, and reach and pull all the way behind our ears and scoop under (like a reverse windmill). We’ve also discussed what streamline is and how to push off the wall like a rocketship!

To perform a frog kick, we hold onto a kick board and bend our legs in the shape of a baseball diamond (putting the bottoms of our feet together), then go out to the shape of a starfish.