Vets in Training “Residents” – HousePaws VIT Staff

By embracing the human-animal bond through interaction and education, the HousePaws Vets in Training Program provides hands-on, experience-based veterinary education to each student. The “Residents” course for our Senior Scholars has included Pet CPR, Anesthesia 101, Ophthalmology, the Skeletal System, and Cardiology. Still to come: a dissection!

Virtual Reality: Applications in Science and Engineering – Debbie DeRosa

This week senior scholar students were whisked away on a guided journey through the fantastic world of virtual reality. They traveled through the vastness of space, had their perceptions of scale challenged, and experienced a few surprises as they got a full tour of VR and what it has to offer.

Students started the week with a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience with Class VR headsets. They began their journey on the ‘holodeck.’ This interface offered students their choice of 360° environments to explore. Students traveled to the far reaches of the earth to experience the culture, climate, and environment of London, Australia, the deep sea and more! Next students explored virtual reality with the Google Cardboard viewer. They explored applications such as Daydream and YouTube 360 to travel through space, float on a lazy river, and play games that put them in the action. Students learned about and discussed VR applications in the classroom and their future careers.

To round out the week, students are developing their own virtual reality tours to transport us to destinations both near and far. Their productions will enable us to stroll the boards of Wildwood, ride Kingda Ka, teleport across the globe to Dubai or tour the halls of our very own Moorestown Friends School.

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Swimming and Athletic Training – Kristen McDowel & Kyle Hagerthey

Our senior scholars are working hard in the weight room, especially one of our campers who has been in the athletic training class for 3 weeks! Keep up the good work.

Swimmers have been working on freestyle, backstroke, or breast stroke, learning what a pencil jump is, and practicing Cannonballs!