Rocketry and Launching Things – Deb Bruvik

In Rocketry & Launching Things, young scientists began the week exploring the science behind things that fly…specifically the basic forces of flight: gravity, thrust, drag, and lift. In our first challenge they made paper airplanes. A question posed to them: what makes for a smooth flight?  This activity was followed by a great deal of fun testing Balloon Rockets where campers got to experience Newton’s 3rd Law (Action=Reaction) first hand. On Tuesday, we built Marshmallow Catapults and had some friendly competitions: whose marshmallow’s went the furthest, and whose hit closest to a small target.  On Wednesday, campers will redesign their original Marshmallow Catapults using only their own imaginations.  We will end the week with Film Canister Rockets, and Water Bottle Rockets.  With each new challenge, campers are encouraged to try and retry creating a more effective machine…ultimately, learning that practice really does lead to progress.  Ask your young Rocket Scientist, why do rockets work the way that they do?

Veterinarians in Training: Interns – Betsy Cote

This week in Vets in Training we learned how to perform CPR on Brownie our CPR dog.  We learned how important it is to be prepared because a life may depend on it!  Tuesday we learned all about anesthesia. Veterinarians need to use a combination of drugs to find the perfect balance of sleepiness while maintaining and monitoring the pet’s health.  So we practiced mixing ingredients to make the perfect concoction in the smoothie challenge.  On Tuesday, we also learned how to bandage one another.  Everyone was an excellent patient.  Today we will be learning about the heart, all of its parts and function.  We will be dissecting sheep hearts because it is similar to a four-chambered human heart.  Later this week, we will be focused on eyeballs and bones.  We will be comparing various animal skeletons as well as dissecting cow eyes.  It has been an exciting week at camp, and I look forward to learning even more and sharing great memories with the students!

Swim & Field Games – Kristen McDowel & Kyle Hagerthey 

This week has included kickboard races, blowing bubbles, floating on our backs, pushing off the wall, jumping into hula hoops, sitting dives off the pool wall into streamline, swimming baseball using kickboards and a big blow up beach ball! Oh and a few cannonballs too!

During our last week of summer camp, our junior and senior scholars were enjoying some of our favorites. Such as the popular 3 vs 3 soccer and champion ball. Pickleball and some American gladiators are going to finish our week.