Animals Along the Amazon – Andrea Bourne 

We are having fun learning all about the Amazon rainforest and the diverse group of animals and insects that live there. We began the week by exploring different types of snakes, taking a closer look at real snake skins and crafting a Python snake. We met the ‘mustache bat’ which hunts for insects along the Amazon River and created our own bats hanging from tree branches (and yes, they had mustaches!). Coming up, we will learn about the blue morpho butterfly and make butterfly sun catchers. We will conclude our animal study learning about toucans and making a colorful paper mosaic. We are also enjoying reading literature about the rainforest, including The Umbrella by Jan Brett.

Mosaic Art – Jessica Durdin

This week we are exploring all things mosaics! We have seen examples and used many varying supplies to make one of our own.  As our week continues we are learning the safe techniques required in planning and creating a mosaic with glass beads and grout. We are excited to share our creations when they go home at the end of the week.

Swim & Field Games – Kristen McDowel & Kyle Hagerthey

This week has included kickboard races, blowing bubbles, floating on our backs, pushing off the wall, jumping into hula hoops, sitting dives off the pool wall into streamline, swimming baseball using kickboards and a big blow up beach ball! Oh and a few cannonballs too!

Exploring Digital Photography – Andrea Bourne

Our budding photographers have been busy snapping photos inside and out as they practice several basic techniques. The children have learned how to frame the subject, use different lighting, and zoom in to capture details. Our indoor photo practice has included learning how to set the stage, use props, alter viewpoints, and create interesting still life photography. Our outdoor photo exercises have included scouting out the visual beauty in nature, incorporating light and shadows, and creating a “feeling” with the image. We will be working on portraiture mid-week, learning how to work with a human subject, and have fun taking selfies. We will also learn how to edit photos by cropping them, changing their exposure, and removing color to create black and white images.

Imagination Station – Caitlin Leone & Valerie Stancill

This week in Imagination Station, we are exploring new uses for old toys and games. Campers made new versions of Mousetrap and Connect Four. We are also making beaded snakes and popsicle stick creatures.