Architectural Design with CAD – Tony Gore

This week the scholars have been learning and experimenting with Cad Software to develop architectural designs. On Monday and Tuesday we began learning about the features of the software and currently, we are making our own designs in CAD.

Music Video Production – Kevin Cox

Our music video production team is off to a creative start!  We spent Monday studying music videos from high profile artists from the 80s to today and discussing their themes and ideas.  By highlighting storylines, discussing meaning, and thinking about the role of a music video to an artist, we were on our way to creating our own music video ideas.  Thanks to our studies on Monday, we were ready to brainstorm on Tuesday.  We started by picking songs for our music videos, and then we learned about the songs to help us brainstorm.  What about the artist could help us frame our music video?  What are the lyrics conveying?  As our ideas continued to take shape, we began thinking about logistics.  What will we need to make our vision come true? How much can we accomplish this week, and how can we make it happen? We’re all excited to see what our last three days bring!

Swim & Field Games – Kristen McDowel & Kyle Hagerthey

This week has included kickboard races, blowing bubbles, floating on our backs, pushing off the wall, jumping into hula hoops, sitting dives off the pool wall into streamline, swimming baseball using kickboards and a big blow up beach ball! Oh and a few cannonballs too!

During our last week of summer camp, our junior and senior scholars were enjoying some of our favorites. Such as the popular 3 vs 3 soccer and champion ball. Pickleball and some American gladiators are going to finish our week.