American Sign Language – Kristy Davies

This week started off with an immediate ‘hands up’ as the children learned to sign their names on the first day. Within the first two days, your campers have learned simple questions, responses to those questions and statements. By Tuesday, you could already see their confidence and signing fluency increasing! We ended our day Tuesday signing not only feelings, ABCs, and a dozen different animals, but also ‘wh’ question words, colors, days of the week, weather and seasons.

Using games, signing music videos, crafts, and hands-on activities these campers are immersing themselves in this new language! By the end of the week, they will have made a full video of themselves signing many different sentences and having a small conversation with a peer. They will also explore what it’s like to have ‘voices off’ and solely sign.  It’s been a great start of the week and I look forward to continuing this fun adventure with them.

Happy Signing!

Let’s Put on a Play – Jenny Torgerson

Our production is off to a fantastic start! We spent Monday participating in a variety of exercises designed to hone our acting skills and get us using our voices, bodies, and imaginations! On Tuesday, we received our scripts and now the rehearsals are in full swing!

Each child has a role that will challenge them to grow as an actor, and allow them to shine onstage. Throughout the rest of the week, we will continue developing our characters in rehearsal, and we will also create all of our sets and props. Please join us for our performance on Friday at 2:00 in the auditorium!

Swim & Field Games – Kristen McDowel & Kyle Hagerthey

This week has included kickboard races, blowing bubbles, floating on our backs, pushing off the wall, jumping into hula hoops, sitting dives off the pool wall into streamline, swimming baseball using kickboards and a big blow up beach ball! Oh and a few cannonballs too!

Science Explorations – Becca Dawson

Our summer scientists have jumped right into our experiments with curiosity and enthusiasm!  We are going to be sampling a variety of scientific investigations ranging in topics from physics, chemistry, and biology.  We began with the physics of simple machines, particularly inclined planes and wheels and axles. Then, each student applied their knowledge building their own marble trails and a gravity-propelled vehicle.  Next, we learned a bit about chemical reactions and got messy creating Alka-seltzer and water geysers. For a fun challenge, they made marshmallow and spaghetti towers. Everyone is showing creativity and persistence as they experiment with novel materials to reach their goals!  We will be working with more mixtures and reactions as the week continues, as well as going on a bug hunt or two. It will be an exciting week!