Minecraft Architecture – Chris Gehringer

Each day the class begins by learning about a different type of architecture. We have visited different Minecraft worlds to so far explore the architecture of Japan, a modern city, and a connected community which is linked through railroad lines. I can’t wait to see what our class will get up to for the rest of the week!

Digital Photography – Lisa Martin

This week in Digital Photography our campers have been taking photos using iPads and exploring with different editing tools. We focused on techniques to adjust the composition of a photo involving angles, linear structure and the focus of the photo content. We are also using two program formats, Google Slides and iMovie, to create presentations that will shared in class. Once the campers have selected their presentation theme, they will edit and format their photos, along with text or voice, to create a final product to share with family at home.

Volcano Blast! – LeeAnn Fox-Jones

We have had an amazing week of discovery, investigating everything Volcano! Not only did we seek answers about the Earth’s layers, how volcanoes form, where they are located, and why they erupt, but we then constructed our own mini volcanoes to test lava flow. For the rest of the week, we will be constructing paper mache volcanoes, and then testing  various kitchen ingredients to simulate lava in a volcanic eruption for our models. Our lava testing will allow us to determine if we have fast and fluffy lava, or a more slow-moving lava. Either way, it will be messy and lots of fun. Thank you so very much for allowing me to share in this journey with your camper.

Music and Sound with Scratch – Chris Gehringer

The students are programming on a platform called Scratch, which is produced by Google. Each Scholar has a passport with badges to track their progress. Each day, we aim to complete 2 different individual projects on our passports. We program songs and music. I hope in the next few days the class will have progressed enough so they can program which instruments they’d like to hear, which notes to play, and the length of each note in their song. We also worked on incorporating DJ mixing tools, like sliders or how to change the tempo or beat!